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1 Anonymous An Assessment of Non-Lethal Weapons Science and Technology (2002) Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
2 Anonymous Ultrasound Water Treatment? Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
3 Aubert Aqueous Foams General References
4 Beery Post Etch Residue Removal: Novel Dry Clean Technology Using Densified Fluid Cleaning Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
5 Brakke Instabilities of Cylindrical Bubble Clusters Academic Laboratories
6 Brakke Instability of the Wet Cube Cone Soap Film Academic Laboratories
7 Brakke Instability of the Wet X Soap Film Academic Laboratories
8 Brakke Soap Films and Covering Spaces Academic Laboratories
9 Brakke Using Symmetry Features of the Surface Evolver to Study Foams Academic Laboratories
10 Braud Physical Properties of Foam for Protecting Plants Against Cold Weather Plant Frost Protection
11 Browne Chemists Create Foam to Fight Nerve Gases Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
12 Bunker Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
13 Choi Development and Evaluation of Aqueous Foam for Cold Protection in Greenhouses Plant Frost Protection
14 Choi Freeze and Frost Protection with Aqueous Foam - Field Experiments Plant Frost Protection
15 Choi Freeze and Frost Protection with Aqueous Foam - Foam Development Plant Frost Protection
16 Coan Solubility of Water in Compressed Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Ethane. Evidence for Hydration of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide in the Gas Phase Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
17 Cole Microfoam for the Control of Source and Fugitive Dust Emissions Dust Control
18 Coppernoll The Nonlethal Weapons Debate Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
19 Crepeau First Principles Calculations of the Interaction of Blast Waves with Aqueous Foams Blasting & Explosions
20 Drotning Thermal Conductivity of Aqueous Foam Government Laboratories
21 Dume Foam Result Surprises Scientists General References
22 Durian Bubble-Scale Model of Foam Mechanics: Melting, Nonlinear Behavior, and Avalanches Academic Laboratories
23 Durian Foam Mechanics at the Bubble Scale Academic Laboratories
24 Durian "Foams" - Chapter in Kirk-Othmer, 1994 General References
25 Durian Multiple Light Scattering Probes of Foam Structure and Dynamics Academic Laboratories
26 Durian Nonlinear Bubble Dynamics in a Slowly Driven Foam Academic Laboratories
27 Durian Scaling Behavior in Shaving Cream Academic Laboratories
28 Durian Viscous and Elastic Fingering Instabilities in Foam Academic Laboratories
29 Ember Detoxifying Nerve Agents Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
30 Ember Foam Rapidly Degrades Chemical/Biological Warfare Agents Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
31 Ember Nonlethal Weapons Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
32 Ferrell A Novel Cavitation Probe Design and Some Preliminary Measurements of it Application to Megasonic Cleaning Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
33 Finegan Down in the Dump Résumé: Paul A. Kittle
34 Fondaw Mitigation of Shock Waves in a Cylindrical Tunnel by Foam Blasting & Explosions
35 Frankel The Bursting of Soap Films. II. Theoretical Considerations Early Drain Time Control References
36 Fry A Mechanical Foam Generator for Use in Laboratories Foam Equipment
37 Gardiner The Evolution of Defects in a Two Dimensional Wet Foam Academic Laboratories
38 Gardiner Growth of Disk Shaped Bubbles in Sediments Academic Laboratories
39 Gardiner Mechanical Response of Sediments to Bubble Growth Academic Laboratories
40 Gardiner Prediction of Pressure Losses in Pipe Flow of Aqueous Foams Academic Laboratories
41 Gardiner Rheology of Fire Fighting Foams Academic Laboratories
42 Gardiner The Steady Shear of Three Dimensional Wet Polydisperse Foams Academic Laboratories
43 Gardiner Yield Stress Measurements of Aqueous Foams in the Dry Limit Academic Laboratories
44 Goolsby Aqueous Foam As a Less-Than-Lethal Technology Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
45 Guarnaschelli In-Transit Control of Coal Dust from Unit Trains Dust Control
46 Hirasaki Foam Delivery of Hydrogen for Enhanced Aquifer Contacting and Anaerobic Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents Academic Laboratories
47 Hoffman Final Report on Proposal to Explore Some Engineered Approaches to Pest Management Pest Control
48 Jones Decompression Drying of Pinus Radiata Sapwood Chips Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
49 Kittle Alternative Daily Cover Materials and Subtitle D - Control of Fires Sanitary Landfills
50 Kittle Alternate Daily Cover Materials and Subtitle D - The Selection Technique Sanitary Landfills
51 Kittle Aqueous Foam - Technology & Systems Development Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
52 Kittle Aqueous Foam Drying and Cleaning of Semiconductor Wafers Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
53 Kittle Comparison of Long Duration Foam, Synthetic Tarpaulins, Geotextiles, and Soil as Subtitle D Compliant Daily Cover Materials for Sanitary Landfills Sanitary Landfills
54 Kittle Evaluation of Volatile Organic Compound Emission Control of Rusmar AC-900L and AC-900 Foam Using the Surface Emission Isolation Flux Chamber Emission Control
55 Kittle Flammability of Alternative Daily Cover Materials - A Summary of ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter Results Sanitary Landfills
56 Kittle Flammablity of Plastics & Polymers Used As Alternate Daily Covers Sanitary Landfills
57 Kittle Foam Wafer Cleaning - Experimental Proof of Concept Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
58 Kittle Foam Wafer Cleaning - Proof of Concept Experiments Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
59 Kittle Particulate Removal Using a Foam Medium Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
60 Kittle Photoresist Removal Using Aqueous Foam Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
61 Kittle Photoresist Residue Removal Using Aqueous Foam: Proof of Concept Experiments Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
62 Kittle Removing Particles With A Foam Medium Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
63 Kittle Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning and Drying Using a Foam Medium Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
64 Klett Development of High Thermal Conductivity, Low Density Graphite Foam Government Laboratories
65 Koehler An Accurate von Neumann's Law for Three-Dimensional Foams Academic Laboratories
66 Koehler Analysis of Pulsed Drainage in a Hele-Shaw Cell Academic Laboratories
67 Koehler Drainage of Single Plateau Borders: Direct Observation of Rigid and Mobile Interfaces Academic Laboratories
68 Koehler Dynamics of Coarsening Foams: Accelerated and Self-Limiting Drainage Academic Laboratories
69 Koehler Dynamics of Foam Drainage Academic Laboratories
70 Koehler Flow Along Two Dimensions of Liquid Pulses in Foams: Experiment and Theory Academic Laboratories
71 Koehler Foam Drainage: Experiments and a New Model Academic Laboratories
72 Koehler Liquid Flow Through Aqueous Foams: The Node-Dominated Foam Drainage Equation Academic Laboratories
73 Koehler Perspectives on Foam Drainage and the Influence of Interfacial Rheology Academic Laboratories
74 Kono Application of Pressurized Carbon Dioxide to Drying Process of Wood Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
75 Krasovitski Aqueous Foams for Frost Protection of Plants: Stability and Protective Properties Plant Frost Protection
76 Krasovitski Forecasting Earth Surface Temperature for the Optimal Application of Frost Protection Methoods Plant Frost Protection
77 Krasovitski A Simulation of Foam Protection of Plants Against Frost Plant Frost Protection
78 Kraynik Structure of Random Monodisperse Foam Government Laboratories
79 Larsen Aqueous Foam Mitigation of Confined Blasts Blasting & Explosions
80 Lester A Glimpse into Megasonic Cleaning Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
81 Lester Is Foam Wafer Cleaning and Drying the Future? Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
82 Massoudi Effect of Pressure on the Surface Tension of Water. Adsorption of Low Molecular Weight Gases on Water at 25°C Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
83 McDaniel Measurement of Aqueous Foam Rheology by Acoustic Levitation Academic Laboratories
84 Ouellette The Physics of … Foam - Bubble, Bubble General References
85 Peterson Structure and Internal Rotation of H2O-CO2, HDO-CO2, and D2O-CO2 van der Waals Complexes Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
86 Radke Equilibrium Configurations of Liquid Droplets on Solid Surfaces Under the Influence of Thin-Film Forces. Part I. Thermodynamics Academic Laboratories
87 Radke Equilibrium Configurations of Liquid Droplets on Solid Surfaces Under the Influence of Thin-Film Forces. Part II. Shape Calculations Academic Laboratories
88 Radke Equilibrium Force Isotherms of a Deformable Bubble/Drop Interacting with a Solid Particle Across a Thin Liquid Film Academic Laboratories
89 Raspet The Reduction of Blast Noise with Aqueous Foam Blasting & Explosions
90 Raspet The Reduction of Blast Overpressures from Aqueous Foam in a Rigid Confinement Blasting & Explosions
91 Robinson Movement of Termiticide Foam Following Application with the Slabjet 2000 Pest Control
92 Rodrigo Intelligent Ultrasonics for the Disk Drive Industry Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
93 Ross Groundbreaking Controlled Foam Injection
94 Salyer Foam Suppression of Respirable Coal Dust Dust Control
95 Salyer What Old Jobs, Odd Jobs, New Jobs Await Billion-Bubble Foams? General References
96 Scott Sticky Foam As a Less-Than-Lethal Technology Military, Defense, Law Enforcement
97 Singh Field Tests of a Foam Dust Suppression System with Longwall Shearers Dust Control
98 Sokovnin Calculations of the Efficiency of Inertialess Flotation of Disklike Particles Academic Laboratories
99 Sokovnin Characterizing and Determining Particle Size Academic Laboratories
100 Sokovnin Choice of Boundary Conditions for Studying the Behavior of the Swarm of Sperical Particles Traveling through a Non-Newtonian Liquid Academic Laboratories
101 Sokovnin Conditions for Foam Flow and Breaking Academic Laboratories
102 Sokovnin Determining the Velocity of a Non-Newtonian Medium Flowing Past Sperical Particles Academic Laboratories
103 Sokovnin Efficiency of the Entrainment of Rodlike Particles by Rising Bubbles Academic Laboratories
104 Sokovnin Quantitative Determination of the Limits of Hydrodynamic Modes of Flotation in Rheologically Complex Media Academic Laboratories
105 Song Using an Immersion Type BEOL Cleaner with Hydroxylamine and Fluorine Chemistries Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
106 Taber A Study of the Use of Foam to Control Methane Emissions in Coal Mines Coal Mining
107 Thomas On the Conditions Required for Explosion Mitigation by Water Sprays Blasting & Explosions
108 Tufaile Chaotic Bubbling and Nonstagnant Foams Academic Laboratories
109 Tufaile Stretching and Folding Mechanism in Foams Academic Laboratories
110 Vazquez Surface Tension of Alcohol + Water from 20 to 50°C Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
111 Weaire The Conductivity of a Foam Academic Laboratories
112 Weaire Steady-State Drainage of an Aqueous Foam Academic Laboratories
113 Weaver Experimental Study of Shock Structure in Aqueous Foams and the Unsteady Shock Emergence at a Foam/Air Boundary Blasting & Explosions
114 Wiebe The Binary System Carbon Dioxide - Water Under Pressure Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
115 Wiebe The Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Water at Various Temperatures from 12 to 40°C and at Pressures to 500 Atmospheres. Critical Phenomena. Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
116 Wiebe The Solubility in Water of Carbon Dioxide at 50, 75 and 100°C, at Pressures to 700 Atmospheres Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
117 Wiebe Vapor Phase Composition of Carbon Dioxide - Water Mixtures at Various Temperatures and at Pressures to 700 Atmospheres Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
118 Young Controlled Foam Injection for Hard Rock Excavation Controlled Foam Injection
119 Young Controlled Foam Injection - Progress Towards Automated Hard Rock Excavation Controlled Foam Injection

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