Emission Control


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C.E. Schmidt is the co-inventor of the flux chamber, the technology used to measure the emissions in these studies. He is the co-author of the primary text on the subject, "Assessment and Control of VOC Emissions from Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities," Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1993, ISBN 0-442-01229-2. His consulting firm can be contacted at 19200 Live Oak Road, Red Bluff, CA 96080, telephone, 530-529-4256, fax, 530-529-4878, or by using his email address, or his web page.

Foams have been used for VOC and odor control in the following typical applications: sanitary and hazardous, landfill excavation, leachate storage tanks, sanitary landfill leachate breakouts, storage ponds, storage tanks, material transportation, hazardous landfills, water and sewage treatment plants, sludge storage areas, dredging operations, pond closures, chemical spills, and accidents.

The Institute of Gas Technology has published a paper on the use of foam for delivering "chemicals and bioactivity stimulating amendments" to sludge lagoons at former manufactured gas plants: Hayes, T.D. and Srivastava, V.J., "Foam Mediated Remediation Technology for Gas Industry Applications," in Proceedings of the International Gas Research Conference, Cannes, France, Gas Research Institute, Chicago, Illinois, November 6-9, 1995.