Dust Control

Coal & Bulk Solid Dust Suppression Applications


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    (This is a large file. DSL download requires at least 10 minutes. This report can also be obtained from NTIS, PB204522.)
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Aqueous foam has been used successfully for dust suppression on longwall mining systems and reported in a submission to the U.S. Bureau of Mines, Singh, M.M. and Laurito, A.W., "Field Tests of a Foam Dust Suppression System with Longwall Shearers." As far as I know, the report is not available from conventional sources. In testing done in Utah there were some underground photographs showing foam application, post foam application, dust suppression in the crusher, foam on the outrigger, head drum, and tail drum.


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The two grain dust suppression items are both condensed phase, non-foam, applications. Using the emulsion technology outlined in U.S. Patent 4,561,905 with soy bean oil, could convert these grain applications into foam systems.

There was a U.S. study of coal train dust suppression several years ago. It was conducted by Simpson Weather Associates, 809 East Jefferson Street, PO Box 5508, Charlottesville, VA 22901. Telephone: 804-979-3571; fax: 804-979-5599. No known email address. The study was not foam related, just condensed phase.

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