Coal Mining

note: This page does not include foam dust control applications

Foam for stimulating coal degasification wells

  • Weng, X., et al., US Patent 5,474,129, December 12, 1995
    Cavity Induced Stimulation of Coal Degasification Wells Using Foam

Foam for the application of wet coal flow aids

  • Kober, A. E., US Patent 4,605,568, August 12, 1986
    Application of Foam to Improve Flow Characteristics of Water-Insoluble Products
  • Roe, D.C., U.S. Patent 5,079,036, July 7, 1992
    Method of Inhibiting Freezing and Improving Flow and Handleability Characteristics of Solid, Particulate Materials

Foam as a medium for rock dusting in coal mines

Foam as a barrier for methane in coal mines