THE FOAM BOOK is a mechanism for concentrating the information resources relating to some aqueous based foam systems, their technological applications, published papers, documents, and patents, as well as identifying the major participants involved with the technology developments.

THE FOAM BOOK utilizes as many hyperlinks to other resources as possible, involving email addresses, web pages, and secondary sources where information can be obtained — libraries, reference sources, trade associations, laboratories, etc. Technical papers and patents are directly available on this web site, mostly in searchable PDF* format.

Foamman is only providing information gathered through normal activities, and makes no suggestion that these web pages represent a comprehensive literature search. However, the information provided will allow an interested person to start the information flow, hopefully leading to the answers desired.

The selection of topics is arbitrary with no intent to malign those who work in the aqueous foam application areas, but are omitted here (e.g., cosmetics, personal care products, and conventional cleaning systems). Some editorial comments have been added.

The information provided is entirely "public domain," thereby, obviously, does not include some of the technology being practiced and being developed commercially.

Thank you for visiting THE FOAM BOOK.

*PDF (Portable Document Format) files may be viewed in several browsers directly or by downloading Adobe® Reader.